Since everyone got a Laptop nowadays, keeping it open and running in front of them at all the times. Using your mobile to play games and checking notifications is a nuisance for them, what they need is a way to bring all the apps and games that are on your mobile to their PC screen. Not only it eliminates the effort to take out your mobile from your pocket to check something, but also saves you from your boss when you are in a meeting. Moreover, you can play all the mobile games on a bigger screen, which is quite useful when it comes to saving battery life of your mobile.

Toolsforpc is here to remove all the nuisance that forces you to use your mobile in situations where you can’t do multi-tasking with speed. What we will be doing is to show you how to install a 3rd party Android emulator like Bluestacks then install games and apps on the emulator and start using them. There is nothing complex in it, you’ll find a step-by-step guide of every app and game, all you need is to follow what we are saying the exact same way and see the magic happening on your PC or Laptop.