How to Install Bluestack 3 on Windows and Mac

Bluestacks is one of the most famous Android emulators of all times, most probably the best one in the market. And with its new versions in the market, this emulator sure it kicking some ass. What is so special about Bluestacks, that makes it better than any other emulator out there. Well, first of all, it is one of the oldest emulators out there, thus you’ll get the best support from its team. Moreover, the performance provided by Bluestacks is better than any other emulator out there. It is easy to use and the navigating is easier cause of the simple and adapting interface. The controls provided by Bluestacks give the users an easy way to navigate the character. Now, we are seeing the 3rd release of the Bluestacks, let’s see what bluestacks has to offer?

Bluestack provides you an easy and simple way to play all your Android games and apps on your PC. Thus you can play those games on a bigger screen, enjoying better details with no worries about the battery life as well. Moreover, if you have a good-end PC, then you can play all the games without any lag and issues at all. Bluestack 3 features a multi-window concept where you can initiate two of the Bluestacks processes at the same time with different accounts. Installing Apk’s are even easier and the Play Store is located right at the bottom, no need to search for it anywhere else. Now, let’s see how you can Install Bluestacks and Configure it.

How to Install Bluestack 3 on Windows and Mac

Install and Configure Bluestacks:

  1. Download Bluestacks.
  2. Double-Click the exe file and start the installation process.
  3. Log-in with your G-mail account to start with the Bluestacks.
  4. Once the initial configuration is done, you’ll be on the Main Screen Window.
  5. Find Play Store.
  6. Type the name of any app you want in the search bar.
  7. Install that app and see it under the My Apps tab in Main Menu.
  8. Set-up custom Controls as you want and then start playing the game.

Use Apk to Install the game:

  1. Download your desired Apk file.
  2. Open Bluestacks 3 and navigate to My Apps tab.
  3. Click on the Install Apk button in the bottom tray.
  4. Locate and select the Apk file that you have downloaded.
  5. Let Bluestacks Install it and then open it from the Main Menu > My Apps.

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