Orbot: Proxy with Tor for Laptop PC (Mac & Windows)

Most of the times you’ll find normal, simple names for VPN applications and because of that, most users are not using these apps. So if any app having a catchy name and good interface will always be favorite for the users. Despite that, all the VPN works the same, yet users prefer to choose the one with a better-looking interface. Simply cause it looks good and looks more professional and who knows it might have more features than a normal VPN app. Whatever the case is, using a Proxy or a VPN app is the best way to make yourself secure on the Internet. Since you’ll be anonymous and no one can track your IP, you’ll be a ninja in the world of Data bytes. And if you are not interested in using any VPN app then this Orbot: Proxy with Tor is the best option for you as it is reliable, fast and has a decent interface.

Now, what this app has to offer? It provides all the other apps to use the internet more securely and freely. What it does is it encrypts your internet traffic and bounce it off to several other computers to make it looks anonymous. No need for any registration or to pay any fee, this app is totally free to use. If you want to secure your freedom to use the internet and want to stay away from hackers, this app is the best option for you. Even if you are sitting in a library or using the internet at your College. Use this app to bypass all the restrictions they have applied on the IP address. For all the chat lovers, this might be the best app as it provides private chatting too. Try this app on your laptop and see how it works for you.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor for Laptop PC

As you proceed below, you’ll find the Step-by-step guide of how you can download and install Orbot: Proxy with Tor for Laptop PC, however, keep in mind that your machine must be running the latest version of Windows or Mac OS X in order to bring optimal performance. Without further ado, let us continue.As you proceed below, you’ll find the Step-by-step guide of how you can download and install Orbot: Proxy with Tor for Laptop PC,

Orbot: Proxy with Tor for Laptop PC / Download and Install:

  1. As mentioned before, you need to have an Android Emulator installed on your Laptop PC in order to play any Android game. Bluestacks is the most recommended one by any user, since it is stable as well as support all sort of apps and games. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface as well as lesser bugs that won’t let your device lag while you are playing the game. So go ahead and Install Bluestacks on your Laptop.
  2. Now that you are done with the installing, it is time to choose what method you want to use to install the game on your device, you can choose whether to download the game from the Play Store, within the Bluestacks or you can choose the Apk file to install the game. We will cover both the methods.
  3. Assuming that you have configured the Bluestacks and want to use the Play Store Method, then you can tap the Search button and type Orbot: Proxy with Tor, click the first result and click the Install button. Or you can download the Apk file of Orbot: Proxy with Tor from the link, then open the Apk file in the Bluestacks.
  4. Whatever the method you’ll choose, once the game is installed, it will appear in the All Apps Tab or in the Home Screen. Locate the icon of the game and double click on it to start playing.
  5. That is it, enjoy the Orbot: Proxy with Tor for Laptop PC

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